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Bgm/Pensive Story/Serious, Earnest Words/Bright and Steady Positiveness at the End/Starry Sky/Piano/Ballad/Painful/Japanese Style/Yoga




 This is a song I made as BGM for yoga and meditation.As a result, the song is long, and the atmosphere changes slightly in the first half, middle, and second half of the song, which is about 8 minutes long.The first half is a Japanese-style melody with a serious, simple yet mysterious atmosphere that makes you feel as if you are having a relaxed and intimate conversation under the starry sky in the countryside.In the middle, it gets a little more serious and serious.There is also a descent mixed with a little despair.The second half is calm, but bright and positive.The regularly repeated phrases create a somewhat stable and constructive atmosphere.Professional musicians perform live without typing.We record and finish using professional sound sources and equipment.


  • フォーマット:WAV ( 44.1kHz 16bit )、MP3 ( 320kbps )
    チャンネル : ステレオ


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