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Jingle / Next Morning / Title BGM / Calm / Leisurely / Adult / Recollection / Then and Then

Type of work: Jingle (instrumental)
BPM: Free tempo (BPM = about 60)

Although it is played at a free tempo, it is a jingle with a relaxed and mature atmosphere at about BPM = 60. It ends with a scale that goes up at the end, so you can match it well with scenes such as the title BGM of the opening of the video. If you apply reverb yourself, you can use it for a more fantastic and fantasy image. It's a short sound source, but I think it goes well with scenes where you want to increase your intellectual and persuasive power.


Played by professional musicians.
Finished using professional sound sources and equipment.


This jingle has a relaxed and adult atmosphere. Played in free tempo with a BPM=60 or so. Since it ends on a rising scale, it can be used as background music for the title of the opening of a video, or for other " just getting started" scenes. If you apply your own reverb, you can use it to create a more fantastic image. Although it is a short soundtrack, it would fit well in scenes where you want to make it intelligent and persuasive.

The music is performed by professional musicians.
We record and finish using professional sound sources and equipment.

Jingle/Next morning/Title BGM/Calm/Relaxing/Adult/Reminiscence/And then and then

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