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Product planning / Product branding

We do the following production and work.



Partnerships and support with farmers engaged in the sixth-generation industry

We provide expertise and technology mainly in the third stage of the process of production (primary) → manufacturing/processing (secondary) → distribution/sales/service (tertiary). We will vitalize our business by leveraging each other's strengths.

Work that can be handled: All work and tasks handled by the Web, Music, and Event Divisions


Development of agricultural products and processed agricultural products


Development of agricultural products and processed agricultural products (Organic and specially cultivated agricultural products) produced in the process in accordance with our policies.

Works that can be handled: Collection and investigation of production sites, creation of introduction websites and videos, visualization of traceability, development of processed products in cooperation with restaurants and chefs, online sales support, etc.



Branding and sales channel expansion support for agricultural products and processed agricultural products

Proposed and worked on sales items (Product lineup, set sales, etc.) and sales methods (Packaging, PR, advertising, sales channels, etc.). Create creatives, set up and deliver online tools, manage websites, run live broadcasts. Management, clerical support, etc. Support and suggestions needed for sales promotion.

What we can do: schedule management, sales representative, marketing representative, sales operation support, customer service representative, creative creation, live online distribution support, equipment rental, studio rental, accounting, paperwork, etc.

Request/Inquiry form for the Music Division

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