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Karoji Apple Farm (Fujisaki-machi, Aomori) x doin 'art Collaboration

100% Pure Apple Juice

product name:Apple juice (straight)

Content: 720 ml/bottle

Limited Production 400 Pieces


Apple production: Karoji Apple Farm
Planning and sales: doin' art

Only 'apple juice'

Fresh 100% straight juice.

We do not use vitamin C, which is generally added to prevent oxidation, because we want people to enjoy "just squeezed apple juice." It's not concentrated reduction either. Of course, no sugar, sweetener, water, or antioxidants are used.

This is a limited edition of 400 bottles of juice produced annually. The apples harvested by the growers are transported by truck to a processing plant in the town and then hastily squeezed and bottled before the snow begins to fall.

For example, when I had a cold, I packed a jar of grated apple “Just the juice part!” that my mother made for me.


100% Pure Apple Juice


As you know, apples are prone to discoloration, and antioxidants are used to maintain their appetizing color. Vitamin C, for example, not only prevents discoloration and flavor deterioration, but can also be used for nutritional purposes.

But... sometimes, it's okay to have juice that doesn't have any additives, even if the color changes. There is a natural change in color, flavor and aroma over time. Wouldn't it be nice to have a juice that can be enjoyed at different times of the year without deteriorating? With that in mind, we started production. ​

This year's apple, today's apple juice,
Please enjoy it.

Bottle a single variety to taste the individuality of an apple

There are about 15,000 kinds of apples in the world and about 2,000 kinds in Japan.

Many of the products on the market are blended because of taste adjustment and stock availability, but to enjoy the individuality of each apple, we bottled several varieties without mixing.

Acidity, sweetness, aroma, aftertaste, richness ・・・ Enjoy comparing the various unique flavors of apples.


Sun Fuji

It has a good balance of sweetness and sourness, has a lot of juice, and has a good texture. Among the many varieties, it is the number one variety in both name recognition and popularity.


Shinano Gold

bright yellow apples. The crispy texture is combined with not only sweetness but also refreshing acidity to create a rich taste.

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Growing from seedlings right now.

As soon as the harvest begins
​Planned to be processed into juice.


Eat it every day to be healthy and beautiful

Health benefits of apples

In addition to "When an apple turns red, the doctor turns blue," an apple a day keeps the doctor away, "England, "Those who throw stones at the red apple never stop (trying to drop and eat)" Turkey, and other countries.


The typical nutritional components contained in apples, such as vitamin C, dietary fiber, polyphenols, and potassium, play a role in health and beauty, such as antioxidant effects, intestinal regulation, and cholesterol control.
Add seasonal fruits to your diet for delicious and healthy eating!

The apple producer is Karoji Fuyuto of Karoji Apple Farm.

Born and raised in Fujisaki Town, Aomori Prefecture, the town of apples, he has the apple DNA of being an “ancestral apple farmer”.

He grows apples on his vast farm all by himself, and manages everything from production to the delivery of apples to customers.

With the Tsugaru soul full of guts in his heart, he is searching for a way to be a traditional farmer suitable for the new era. Looking ahead to the future 10 or 20 years from now, each apple is cultivated with care and passion.


Steps to the birth of apple juice

Started production of the first planning juice. Although it is not possible to reduce the price or mass-produce it, we have commercialized it for the purpose of enjoying the taste of the apple itself.

​Currently, we are planning to create events for farmers and musicians to collaborate on the theme of agriculture and music.

From April 2021

January 2007 - February 2011

March 2011 - April 2011

May 2018 - 

The head of Karoji, who was working at a poultry farm at the time, met Doi, the head of doin' art, who came to interview him.

The Great East Japan Earthquake caused changes in jobs and operations.

Karoji inherits its ancestral apple orchard.

Karaushi asked to Doi, a freelancer, about setting up a website.
The joint search for sales channels and packages began.

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