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DA Labo

If you register as a member (free of charge), you can use exclusive services and contents.  

What is “DALabo”

It is a club group consisting of creators and engineers involved in art and their fans. Established in 2021, sponsored and operated by a limited liability company, Doin Art. Activities / research contents

・ Development of new expressions and staging methods ・ Fusion of online and offline

・ Interactive communication ・ Active utilization of new systems, devices and services ・ International initiatives, etc.

We are enthusiastic about discovering and creating new value that has not yet been recognized, and emphasize social contribution that can only be made on a small scale.

Membership application

If you wish, member registration will be completed in the following 3 steps.


Please fill in the required items in the application form below and send it.
​ We will contact you within 3 business days.

DALabo member registration application form

Thank you for your application

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