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doin'art 2021!
Music & Talk Live Show







Bass. Mitsuhiro Konno , Pf. Akane Doi , Per & Dr. Notch
Keyboard & Arranger. Hisashi Nawada

Special secret guest
​NAOTO , → Pia-no-jaC ←


doin'art 2021! Music & Talk Live Show

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On-demand distribution version "doin'art 2021! Music & Talk Live Show"


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Recorded the live performed on December 29, 2021.
A music and talk live show inviting artists who performed at an event hosted by doin'art that year and guest artists who are related to it.


Two sets of violinist NAOTO and piano & cajon unit → Pia-no-jaC ← will appear as special secret guests.

We have delivered a lot of summary such as collaboration performance unique to this event and talks looking back on various live performances and productions in 2021. From the performance of more than 2 hours (the original schedule is 90 minutes, lol), which greatly exceeded the original schedule, we will deliver the video that gathers all the highlights as an on-demand version.

Enjoy the lively atmosphere of the venue, the excitement, the laughter performances and talks in the year-end mode.

​​ * We are uploading high quality video, so we recommend watching it in a place with a good communication environment such as Wi-Fi.


Total playing time: 1:52:06

00: 00 ~

Opening talk, four-person performance ( ​ Mitsuhiro Konno, Akane Doi, Hisashi Nawada, notch)

00:25:36 ~

​ The first set of special secret guests is here! " → Pia-no-jaC ← "

1: 00: 05 ~

The second set of special secret guests is here! " NAOTO "

1:52:06 ~

Encore all-Member Assembly

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