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Copyright free BGM

▼ Main usable range
It will be the purchase of the work "license".
​・Commercial use available
・Minor reorganization OK (volume, loop processing, trimming, minor sound quality adjustment)

(1) VP, CM, digital signage, TV programs, movies, etc. Various videos and video works
(2) BGM and performance at events, presentations, games, pachinko/pachislot machines, apps, radio, YouTube, e-books, etc.

▼Main prohibitions
(1) Use contrary to public order and morals
(2) Acts that damage the reputation or credibility of the author, slander, or use for other unnecessary purposes
(3) Use by persons other than the purchaser, subleasing, resale, processed sales, selling by piece 

(4) Editing and arrangement that changes the work itself

For special use and confirmation of whether it is out of the terms of use,inquiry Please contact us from

Also available on Audio Stock
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