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What's Your Color?

Awaken, each sensibility!
Now accepting participation in the online collaboration performance project "MY Momiji"
presented by doin'art

It must be beautiful if various personalities and various expressions are gathered like the trees that color autumn in Japan.
Let's all become one big entertainment.

Anyone can participate
Any instrument is OK

Let's play together with the theme of the japanese nursery rhyme "Momiji (Maple, Autumn leaves)".

Guitar, piano, song, flute, percussion, dance, narrative ...
Anything is OK! Please take a video of the performance and send it. ( Click here for recording method) We will announce your work on our website and YouTube channel. Let's color the autumn of 2022 with everyone's free and colorful expressions ♪

Outstanding works will be performed on stage with professional musicians at our live concert held in November 2022.  > More Info

How to enjoy this project

We tried to cover the "Momiji"

​ "Freestyle version"

A version in which the performing musicians freely arranged and performed. Professional normal performance.

Akane Doi (piano)
Mitsuhiro Konno (base)
notch (drums & percussion)
​ Arrangement / MIX: Hisashi Nawada (backing track)

Original song: "Autumn leaves" (composed by Teiichi Okano / written by Tatsuyuki Takano)

Performance time: Approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds
​ Video: KAKIKO

​Rec Studio: Mothership Studio


Try to cover the Japanese nursery rhyme "Momiji"!

​ "Simple version"

For practice and recording. A simple arrangement version that is easy to match with other instruments.

Piano Focus

Bass Focus

Drum / Shaker Focus

Please feel free to download and use each of the following materials.

​ ・ Commercial use ・ Reorganization OK ・ Share on other sites OK ・Sales only NG

DOWNLOAD for free (Momiji Simple Ver. / Minus One for Bass, Piano and Drum / Backing Track)  

  • Sheet music [PDF]  Piano  /   Bass / Bass tab notation / Drum / Chord notation

  • Video for compositing [mp4]
    ​ Without piano / Without bass / Without drums / Backing track only  
    ​ ↓ You can download it from the following.


Momiji  / simple ver. / Pianoless
Momiji  / simple ver. / Bassless
Momiji  / simple ver. / Drumless
Momiji  / simple ver. / Backingtrack

Show us your cover work!

Let's stand on the stage with professionals

For those who have sent excellent entries, the following opportunities. Please join us ♪

  • Benefits: Performed with a professional at a live performance hosted by doin'art in Tokyo in November 2022 (The performance song is basically "Autumn leaves" that you applied for)